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Balayage and Keratin Hair Treatment | All About It!

Balayage and Keratin Hair Treatment
Balayage and Keratin Hair Treatment

Balayage + Keratin Hair Treatment

At MG Makeovers by Hair Technician: Aryan Malhotrra

Indulge in a transformative hair experience at MG Makeovers, where our skilled stylist Aryan Malhotra masters the art of melding the Balayage and Keratin Treatment into one seamless service.

Here’s a glimpse into the meticulous process tailored to unveil a mesmerizing blend of color and smoothness:

Step1: Personalized Consultation:

  • Your experience begins with a one-on-one consultation with Aryan Malhotra, who will delve into understanding your color aspirations and assessing the readiness of your hair for the forthcoming treatments.

Step 2: Artistic Balayage:

  • Sectioning Mastery: Aryan meticulously sections your hair, setting the stage for a precise balayage application.

  • Color Crafting and Application: With a deft hand, Aryan crafts the balayage mixture and artistically applies it onto your hair, ensuring the color transition is natural and the highlights accentuate your features.

Step 3: Post-Balayage Wash:

  • After the balayage color has marvelously set, a thorough wash follows to cleanse the hair of any lightener residues, prepping it for the keratin voyage.

Step 4: Keratin Treatment Extravaganza:

  1. Keratin Infusion: With your hair primed, Aryan administers the keratin treatment, enveloping each strand in a keratin-rich formula designed to vanquish frizz and usher in a silky smooth texture.

  2. Activation Serenity: As the keratin settles in, you're a step closer to attaining that sleek, glossy mane.

  3. Heat Sealing Finale: A meticulous flat iron run-through by Aryan seals the keratin, locking in a sublime shine and smoothness that's set to last.

Step 4: Next-Day Hair Wash;

  • On the subsequent day, indulge in a gentle hair wash using a sulfate-free shampoo, a step that further cements the integrity and vibrancy of the balayage and keratin treatment.

Step 5: Tailored Maintenance:

  • Aryan will share a personalized maintenance guide, ensuring the longevity and continued splendor of your Balayage Keratin Treatment. Your journey to ravishing hair doesn't just end at MG Makeovers, it continues with professional advice and top-tier products recommended for your unique hair type and color.

Now Next Step into MG Makeovers, where each strand is treated with artistic finesse and scientific precision, offering you a crown of hair that narrates tales of elegance and excellence.

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