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Latest 2024 Technology | Laser Hair Removal | MG Makeovers

Updated: Jul 10

Get the Best Deal on Hair Removal & Reductions Services in Gurgaon by MG Makeovers

MG Makeovers in Gurgaon is currently offering exceptional deals on hair removal and reduction services. This promotion is an excellent opportunity for those looking to achieve smooth, hair-free skin with the latest and most effective techniques. MG Makeovers, renowned for their expertise and customer satisfaction, ensures a comfortable and professional experience. This special offer is perfect for anyone seeking high-quality hair removal services at a more affordable price, making it an ideal time to book an appointment and enjoy the benefits of their state-of-the-art treatments.

Offer for Laser Hair Removal by MG Makeoves
Laser Hair Removal

MG Makeovers Full Body Laser Hair Removal Package

Price: ₹50,000

Full Body laser treatment

Package Includes:

  • Six Laser Hair Removal Sessions: Experience a complete transformation with our six meticulously planned sessions, scheduled 30 days apart for optimal results.

  • Complimentary Hydra Facial: Elevate your skincare routine with a luxurious Hydra Facial, included as a complimentary treat in this package.

Key Highlights of Our Service:

  1. Result-Oriented Focus: At MG Makeovers, we prioritize visible results. Our commitment is not just towards providing services but ensuring you see the difference.

  2. Painless Procedure: Say goodbye to discomfort. Our laser hair removal process is designed to be completely painless, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing experience.

  3. Customized to Your Skin: Recognizing that each skin type is unique, we offer fully customized settings. Our approach is tailored to your individual skin type, ensuring the best care and results.

  4. State-of-the-Art Technology: Utilizing the latest advancements in laser hair removal, our DIODE 2024 machine is equipped with the sophisticated Soprano Titanium Software. This cutting-edge technology guarantees enhanced results, ensuring your satisfaction.


Embark on a journey to smooth, hair-free underarms with MG Makeovers' exclusive Underarm Laser Hair Removal Package. Priced at just ₹6,000, this package offers a series of 6 carefully planned sessions, each scheduled a month apart, to ensure the best results. Enjoy the confidence of flawless underarms with our expertly administered laser treatments.


Discover the path to a smooth, hair-free face with our Full Face Laser Hair Removal Package. At just ₹18,000, enjoy a series of 6 meticulously planned sessions, each 30 days apart, for an enduring and effective result. This package is specifically tailored to address the entire face, ensuring a comprehensive and satisfying outcome.


Embark on your journey to sleek and smooth skin with the Full Arms & Full Legs Laser Hair Removal Package from MG Makeovers. Priced at ₹54,000, this exclusive package includes a minimum of 6 sessions, each carefully spaced 30 days apart for optimal results. Our precision-focused approach ensures thorough coverage of both arms and legs, promising a transformative experience. This package is perfect for those seeking a comprehensive and effective solution for long-lasting hair removal, combining expert care with advanced technology for maximum satisfaction.



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