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Cysteine hair repair

Cysteine For Hair



₹ 6999/-


*Starting Price of Cysteine Hair Treatment ₹6999 up to  35 Grams
*General Price is ₹200/Gram
*Avail FREE Consultation

*Appointment Mandatory
*Applicable on all 7 Days

Cysteine for Hair

Transform your hair without compromising its health. Choose MG Makeovers for our exceptional Cysteine Hair Treatment, delivered by experienced professionals. Revel in the luxury of healthier, more vibrant hair with MG Makeovers' expert care

Why Choose MG Makeovers fo Cysteine Hair Care? 1. Expertise in Hair Care: MG Makeover's stylists are highly trained and experienced in cysteine treatments, ensuring professional and knowledgeable service. 2. Tailored Treatments: Each cysteine treatment at MG Makeover is customized to suit individual hair types and customer preferences, offering a personalized experience. 3. Healthier Hair Solution: Cysteine treatments at MG Makeover are less damaging than traditional straightening methods, promoting healthier hair. 4. Long-Lasting Results: Enjoy smoother, frizz-free hair for a longer duration with MG Makeover’s cysteine treatments. 5. High-Quality Products: Only the best, carefully selected hair care products are used, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of the treatment. 6. Comprehensive Hair Services: MG Makeover offers additional hair services like cutting and styling, which can complement and enhance the effects of the cysteine treatment. 7. Customer Satisfaction Focus: The salon prioritizes customer satisfaction, evident from numerous positive testimonials and repeat clientele. 8. Post-Treatment Support: MG Makeover provides expert advice on post-treatment hair care, helping you maintain your new look for longer. 9. Comfortable and Welcoming Environment: The salon offers a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere, making each visit a pleasant experience. 10. Advanced Techniques: MG Makeover stays abreast of the latest advancements in hair treatment techniques, ensuring clients receive the best possible care. By choosing MG Makeovers for your cysteine hair treatment, you're not just getting a hair service, but a comprehensive, expertly managed hair care experience.

What is Cysteine Hair Repair?

Cysteine hair repair is a treatment that infuses hair with cysteine, a key amino acid in keratin, to smooth, straighten, and strengthen. It's less harsh than keratin treatments as it's formaldehyde-free. The process involves applying a cysteine solution to the hair, followed by heat to seal it, resulting in smoother and frizz-free hair. Ideal for frizzy or damaged hair, its effects can last several months, providing a healthier appearance with reduced maintenance.


MG Makeovers is thrilled to present our Cysteine Hair Treatment, a transformative service designed to rejuvenate and strengthen hair that has been weakened over time. Here's everything you need to know about this revolutionary treatment:

Introduction to Cysteine Treatments 
At the heart of our Cysteine treatment lies the crucial amino acid known for its significant benefits to hair health. This treatment is engineered to reinforce hair strength, reduce frizz, and improve both the texture and luster of your hair. By integrating Cysteine with a blend of natural ingredients, our formula deeply nourishes and revives the hair.

Treatment Procedure
The treatment involves the application of a solution rich in natural ingredients, including Cysteine, onto the hair. This step is followed by the application of heat to lock in the treatment, enabling it to deeply penetrate the hair shaft. The result is hair that is not only more resilient but also smoother, shinier, and more manageable.

Benefits of Cysteine Treatment

Opting for our Cysteine treatment comes with several key benefits:

  • Noticeable reduction in frizz, making hair easier to style and manage.

  • Hair becomes stronger, healthier, and displays an enhanced texture and shine.

  • Protection from damage caused by heat styling and environmental stressors.

  • Long-lasting results that, with proper care, can extend
    the life of the treatment.

Why Choose MG Makeovers? 
MG Makeovers is committed to delivering exceptional hair care through the use of advanced techniques and high-quality products. Our team of experienced stylists is well-versed in the Cysteine treatment process, ensuring customized results that align with your hair type and goals. Our salon offers a welcoming and relaxing environment, setting the stage for a rejuvenating beauty experience.



FAQ's Cysteine for Hair Repair & Treatment

  1. What is Cysteine Hair Treatment?

    • A revolutionary hair-smoothing therapy that uses a cysteine complex to make hair frizz-free, smooth, and manageable. It's safer than traditional treatments, being free from formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals.

  2. How does Cysteine Treatment work?

    • The treatment infuses natural cysteine protein into the hair, restructuring and conditioning the strands to eliminate frizz and enhance smoothness and manageability.

  3. Is Cysteine Treatment suitable for all hair types?

    • Yes, it's suitable for most hair types, including virgin, colored, and chemically treated hair. A consultation at MG Makeovers ensures the treatment is tailored to your specific needs.

  4. How long does the Cysteine Treatment last?

    • The effects last up to 3-5 months, depending on hair type, maintenance routine, and the use of recommended sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners.

  5. What is the maintenance routine post-Cysteine Treatment?

    • Use sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free hair care products, avoid washing your hair for the first 48 hours, and minimize the use of heat styling tools.

  6. Can I color my hair after the Cysteine Treatment?

    • Yes, but it's advisable to color your hair either two weeks before or two weeks after the treatment for the best results.

  7. Is there any downtime after the treatment?

    • No downtime is required, but avoid washing, tying up, or tucking your hair behind your ears for the first 48 hours to ensure the treatment sets properly.

  8. How long does the treatment take?

    • The treatment duration varies, typically taking 2 to 4 hours depending on hair length and thickness.

  9. Is Cysteine Treatment safe?

    • Yes, it's considered safe as it is free from harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, ensuring the health and safety of our clients.

  10. How can I book an appointment for Cysteine Hair Treatment at MG Makeovers?

    • Book by contacting us through our website, phone, or visiting our salon in Gurgaon. Advance booking is recommended.

  11. What is the average price for Cysteine Hair Treatment?

    • Market price ranges from ₹10,000 to ₹14,000. At MG Makeovers, we offer it starting at ₹6,999 onward, making it accessible and affordable.

  12. Why is Cysteine famous in Mumbai?

    • Its popularity in Mumbai stems from its ability to combat the humid climate's effects on hair, providing a frizz-free solution without harsh chemicals.

  13. Why is Cysteine the Number #1 treatment in the USA?

    • Its ranking comes from its safe, natural approach to hair smoothing, being free from formaldehyde and delivering long-lasting, smooth, and manageable hair.

  14. Where to get Cysteine done in Delhi-Gurgaon?

    • While there are a few options, MG Makeovers is the go-to salon in Gurgaon for its expert team, tailored approach, and competitive pricing.

  15. What is the difference between Boto+ Hair Treatment, Keratin Smoothing, and Cysteine?

    • Boto+ Hair Treatment: Conditions hair to appear fuller without straightening.

    • Keratin Smoothing: Uses keratin to smooth hair, may contain formaldehyde.

    • Cysteine Treatment: A natural alternative for semi-permanent smoothing without harsh chemicals.





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