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Microblading Eyebrows




₹ 9999/-


* Offer Valid Till 31st May 2024
* Free Consultation via Call or Studio Visit
* Follow Up Sitting at ₹ 4999 
* Prior Appointment Required 

* Must Read Before & After Care

Must Read: All About Microblading or Permanent Brow Service 1. The Process of Microblading *Description: The journey begins with a thorough consultation at MG Makeover, focusing on individual preferences and optimal brow shapes. The technique involves delicately crafting hair-like strokes with a microblading needle, integrating the pigment beneath the skin for a natural look. *Tools and Techniques: Employing state-of-the-art tools, including a precision microblading needle, the process ensures each stroke is artfully placed. The pigments are carefully selected to match your natural brow color. 2. The Importance of Artist Experience and Hygiene *Experience of the Artist: The success of microblading heavily relies on the artist's experience. At MG Makeover, our artists boast extensive training and a portfolio of successful treatments, ensuring top-tier results. *Hygiene of the Environment: We adhere to stringent hygiene standards. Our studio is meticulously sanitized, and all tools are sterilized, ensuring a safe and clean environment for every client. 3. The Pricing *Standard Price: The typical cost for microblading services stands at ₹14,999. *MG Makeover Special Offer: At MG Makeover, we offer an exclusive rate of ₹9,999 per session, with follow-up sessions priced at just ₹4,999. This exceptional value reflects our commitment to making quality microblading accessible. 4. The Artistry Involved *Skill and Precision: Our artists are skilled in harmonizing brow enhancements with each client’s facial structure, ensuring a custom, natural look. *Customization: Every microblading session is tailored to individual needs, factoring in facial symmetry, existing brow density, and personal style. 5. Healing Time and Patience *Duration: Proper healing is crucial and takes about 4-6 weeks. Patience during this period is essential for optimal results. *What to Expect: Initial boldness in color will gradually soften. Minor redness and scabbing are normal but subside as the brows heal. 6. The Risks and Aftercare Importance *Possible Complications: While rare, awareness of potential complications like infections or allergies is crucial. Choosing MG Makeover ensures high safety standards and reduces such risks. *Aftercare: Adhering to aftercare guidelines is vital. We provide detailed instructions on maintaining the brow area, including using specific aftercare products to enhance healing and preserve the microblading results. 7. Understanding Before and Aftercare *Before Care: Preparing for the procedure involves avoiding certain medications and skin treatments. A detailed consultation at MG Makeover will cover all necessary pre-care instructions. *Aftercare: Post-treatment, it's key to follow our bespoke aftercare plan, including keeping the brows dry and avoiding direct sun exposure, to ensure the longevity and beauty of your microbladed brows. In summary, opting for microblading at MG Makeover not only promises aesthetically pleasing results but also ensures a safe, hygienic, and well-priced experience. Our skilled artists, combined with meticulous care and attention to detail, make us the go-to destination for those seeking quality and artistry in eyebrow enhancement.

Madhu Gupta's Microblading Service offers an elegant solution for achieving natural-looking, well-defined eyebrows. This service uses a precise hand-held tool to embed pigment into the skin, creating fine, hair-like strokes. These semi-permanent enhancements generally last between 18 to 24 months.

Key Benefits:

  • Natural-Looking Brows: Our microblading technique creates strokes that mimic real hairs, resulting in brows that look both natural and refined.

  • Saves Time: No more daily eyebrow makeup is needed, freeing up time in your morning routine.

  • Minimal Upkeep: Semi-permanent in nature, the results require only occasional touch-ups, typically once or twice a year.

  • Customized for You: We tailor the pigment color to match your natural brow, ensuring your microbladed brows are unique to you.

Simplified Process:

  • Consultation: We start with a consultation to understand your desired brow look and determine the best approach based on your skin type and color.

  • Preparation: The eyebrow area is cleaned, and a numbing cream is applied for your comfort.

  • Microblading: Our expert uses a special tool to apply the pigment in fine strokes, carefully shaping and coloring your brows for a natural finish.

  • Aftercare Guidance: Post-procedure, we'll guide you on how to care for your new brows, including keeping them dry and applying a specific ointment for a short period.

  • Touch-Up Session: A follow-up appointment is often needed 4-6 weeks later to make any final adjustments to the shape and color.

Additional Considerations:

  • Healing Time: It's important to give your brows time to heal, which means avoiding certain activities like swimming or intense workouts for a short period post-procedure.

  • Longevity and Fading: Remember, microblading isn't permanent. Your brows will gradually fade, requiring touch-ups to maintain their appearance.

  • Safety and Hygiene: We ensure the highest standards of safety and cleanliness in all our procedures.

Choosing Madhu Gupta's Microblading Service means opting for a hassle-free, elegant way to maintain beautifully defined eyebrows, tailor-made to complement your natural features.


1. What is the cost of Microblading Service?

   While the average market price ranges from ₹12,000 to ₹15,000, we at MG Makeovers offer an exceptional           rate of ₹9,999, ensuring top-quality service at a more affordable price.

2. How long do microblading results typically last?

    Generally, microblading results last 12 to 18 months. However, at MG Makeovers, our expert techniques                can extend the longevity up to 24 months, offering better value and durability.

3. What is the healing time for microblading?

    The healing period usually takes about 4 weeks in the market, but our advanced methods at MG                            Makeovers ensure a swift 30-day healing process, facilitating a quicker return to your everyday routine.

4. How much time does the microblading procedure take?

    A standard microblading session typically lasts 2 to 3 hours. At MG Makeovers, we efficiently utilize 2.5 to 3          hours for a thorough consultation and precise application, maximizing the effectiveness of each session.

5. Is the microblading procedure painful?

    While there is some discomfort in standard procedures, MG Makeovers uses top-grade numbing cream to          significantly reduce pain, ensuring a comfortable experience for our clients.

6. Who performs the microblading procedure?

    In the market, skill levels vary, but at MG Makeovers, our lead artist Madhu Gupta, known for her precision          and expertise, personally ensures perfect brows for every client.

7. What type of aftercare is required post-microblading?

    While basic aftercare guidance is common, MG Makeovers provides detailed aftercare instructions and                support, focusing on optimal healing and maintaining the longevity of the microblading results.

8. How customizable is the microblading procedure?

    Whereas some level of customization is offered generally, MG Makeovers specializes in fully personalized            services, tailoring every aspect to individual facial features and preferences.

9. What are the safety and hygiene standards during microblading?

    We adhere to the highest standards of safety and cleanliness, surpassing the basic hygiene practices                    commonly observed in the market.

10. What kind of follow-up care can I expect after microblading?

     Unlike the limited follow-up support typically available, MG Makeovers is committed to ensuring client             satisfaction with comprehensive post-procedure care and available touch-up services.

11. How does MG Makeovers ensure a personalized microblading experience for every client?

    At MG Makeovers, personalization is at the core of our microblading service. We conduct a thorough                    consultation to tailor the brow shape, color, and style to each individual, ensuring results that enhance                natural beauty and complement personal style.

12. What makes MG Makeovers' microblading technique superior to others?

     Our microblading technique stands out due to the precision and skill of our lead artist, Madhu Gupta. We           employ cutting-edge methods and tools to ensure flawless, natural-looking brows, minimizing                               discomfort and healing time.

13. How does MG Makeovers' pricing offer more value than other microblading services?

     Priced at ₹9,999, our service includes a comprehensive consultation, personalized design, top-grade                     numbing cream, and detailed aftercare instructions, providing premium service at a competitive price.

14. What kind of aftercare support does MG Makeovers provide to ensure optimal microblading results?

      We provide detailed aftercare instructions and ongoing support, guiding our clients through the healing            process with tips on maintaining the longevity of their brows and advice on skincare and touch-up                        schedules.

15. Why is choosing a skilled artist important for microblading, and how does MG Makeovers meet this    requirement?

     Choosing a skilled artist like our lead artist, Madhu Gupta, is crucial for safety, appearance, and longevity             of the results. Madhu's expertise, precision, and artistic eye ensure perfectly crafted brows for every client.

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