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Vocational Beauty Courses Post 12th CBSE Results

Best Vocational Beauty Courses for Students Post Class 12th CBSE Results

Launch Your Creative Career: Explore Vocational Beauty Courses After Class 12

As CBSE Class 12 results are announced, students and their parents often search for promising career paths that offer both quick job opportunities and the potential for long-term success. For those with artistic flair, the beauty industry presents an exciting avenue. MG Makeovers proudly offers specialized vocational training courses that are not only quick to learn but also pave the way to immediate employment and entrepreneurial opportunities. Here's a detailed guide to our courses, specifically designed for young enthusiasts eager to make their mark in the beauty sector.

Ideal Candidates for Our Courses

Our courses are specifically designed for course post CBSE results;

  • Students with Artistic Skills: Young individuals who have a natural inclination towards art and design can find fulfilling careers in beauty services, turning their passion into a profession.

  • Young Adults Seeking Immediate Employment: Those looking to quickly start a career post-high school will find these courses perfectly aligned with their needs, providing all the necessary skills for immediate job readiness.

  • Parents Investing in Their Children’s Future: Parents looking for a worthwhile investment in their children's education post-12th grade will find our courses offer both skill development and potential job opportunities.

Premier Courses at MG Makeovers

We focus on two of the most sought-after and lucrative areas in the beauty industry: Nail and Eyelash Extensions. These courses are designed for ease of learning and rapid mastery, ensuring that even beginners can excel.

Nail Extensions Course

Nail artistry is not just about beauty—it’s about making a style statement. Our course offers:

  • Foundation Techniques: Learn the basics of nail care, including shaping, buffing, and styling.

  • Advanced Artistry: Dive into complex designs and modern techniques like gel sculpting and 3D nail art.

  • Professional Development: We emphasize hygiene and customer interaction, essential skills for any beauty professional.

Eyelash Extensions Course

This course is perfect for those who want to specialize in enhancing eye beauty:

  • Basic Applications: Techniques for single and volume lash applications that are fundamental to starting a practice.

  • Advanced Styling: Learn about the latest trends and techniques in eyelash design, such as hybrid sets and custom styling.

  • Safety Protocols: Understanding eye health and safe application practices to ensure the well-being of clients.

Additional Learning Opportunities

To complement our primary courses, MG Makeovers also offers courses in:

  • Professional Makeup: From essential techniques to advanced cinematic makeup.

  • Hair Styling: Techniques from basic cuts to sophisticated bridal dos.

  • Comprehensive Beautician Skills: Covering skincare, facial aesthetics, and body treatments.

Investment and Returns

Graduates of our courses can expect initial earnings ranging from Rs 15,000 to Rs 35,000 monthly, with opportunities to increase income as they gain experience and clientele. Nail Art & Extension Courses:

  • Basic: Rs. 25,000 for 14 days

  • Advanced: Rs. 35,000 for 21 days

Eyelash Extension Courses:

  • Basic: Rs. 25,000 for 3 days

  • Advanced: Rs. 35,000 for 7 days

Why Choose MG Makeovers?

Choosing MG Makeovers means opting for excellence in beauty education. Our courses are not only designed to teach but to transform students into professionals ready to take on the beauty world. With comprehensive training, hands-on practice, and a focus on modern techniques, our graduates are prepared to excel in any beauty setting, be it a high-end salon or their own entrepreneurial venture.

For more details or to enroll, visit our website or contact MG Makeovers directly. Embark on your journey in the beauty industry with confidence and creativity, guided by the best in the business!


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