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Discover Your Best Summer Look with MG Makeovers' Exclusive Hair Service Offers!

Hair service summer offer at MG makeovers
Hair Service Summer Offer

As the temperatures rise, so does the desire for a fresh, exciting look. This summer, MG Makeovers is thrilled to offer exclusive deals on our premium hair services. From transformative treatments to stunning color changes, our offers are tailored to ensure you look and feel fantastic throughout the season. Read on to find the perfect hair treatment to elevate your summer style!

1. Keratin Treatment - ₹5000 Hair Service Offer

Tired of battling frizz and unmanageable tangles every summer? Our Keratin Treatment is your solution. This popular service not only smooths and adds a glossy sheen to your hair but also significantly reduces styling time. Perfect for those humid summer days, it locks in conditioning agents that fortify the hair, leaving it silky and resilient. Enjoy smooth, frizz-free hair that lasts up to three months!

2. Global Base Color - ₹3500 Hair Service Offer

Refresh your roots or completely change your look with our Global Base Color service. Our expert colorists use high-quality dyes to ensure even, lasting color while maintaining hair health. Whether you're going lighter for the summer or choosing a rich, dark hue to contrast the bright days, we can customize the shade to match your desires and complexion perfectly.

3. Botox Hair Treatment - ₹4500 Hair Service Offer

Not just for wrinkles, Botox for hair is a revolutionary treatment aimed at revitalizing damaged and lifeless strands. This deep-conditioning treatment restores each hair fiber, targeting areas weakened by sun exposure, chlorine, and saltwater. The result? Voluminous, shiny hair that looks as youthful and lively as summer itself.

4. Balayage - ₹6500 Hair Service Offer

Balayage remains a top trend for good reason. This hand-painted highlighting technique creates a natural, blended look with no harsh regrowth lines, mimicking the subtle, sun-bleached highlights you'd get from spending a summer outdoors. Ideal for those looking for a low-maintenance style that doesn’t compromise on elegance, Balayage can be customized in shades that range from golden blondes to rich caramels.

5. Cysteine Hair Treatment - ₹6000 Hair Service Offer

Cysteine is the gentler cousin of Keratin treatment, perfect for those looking to reduce frizz while maintaining natural texture. This semi-permanent treatment infuses cysteine into the hair shaft, promoting smoother, healthier hair without the use of harsh chemicals. It's particularly suitable for those with sensitive scalps or those who prefer a more natural approach to hair straightening.

6. Global Fashion Color - ₹4500 Hair Service Offer

Make a bold statement this season with our Global Fashion Color options. From electric blues to pastel pinks, we offer a wide range of vibrant, fashion-forward colors that can be tailored to your unique style. Our dyes are formulated to minimize damage and maximize longevity, ensuring your new color stays radiant for as long as possible.

Ready to Transform Your Look?

Summer is the season of transformation, and there's no better time to experiment with your hair. Book your appointment today to take advantage of these incredible offers. Visit us online at or call +91-7210-256-256 to schedule your visit. Whether you're aiming for a subtle upgrade or a dramatic change, our team at MG Makeovers is here to help you achieve your perfect summer hair.

Let MG Makeovers be a part of your summer journey—where great hair days begin!


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