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Hair Cuts

Hair Styling & Cuts



MG Makeovers is Offering 2 Types Hair Cuts


₹ 1299/-

Covers Trimming Only


₹ 1499/-

covers all type Advance Hair Styling

Term's & Conditions
*OFFER VAILD TILL 30th June 2024
*Appointment is mandatory for Hair Cuts

*Hair Cut Includes the price for wash and blow dry.

Elevate Your Style with Precision: Discover the Art of Tailored Haircuts by Expert Stylists at MG Makeovers

Why Choose MG Makeovers for Hair & Styling Service? Opting for MG Makeovers in Gurgaon for your hair cut and styling services is a decision that brings with it numerous benefits, ensuring not just a transformation in your look but also an experience that caters to your overall satisfaction and comfort. Here are the key points highlighting why MG Makeovers stands out: Professional Hair Stylist - Aryan Malhotra: At the heart of MG Makeovers is Aryan Malhotra, a renowned hair stylist known for his expert skills and creative vision. Aryan brings a wealth of experience to the salon, ensuring that each client receives personalized attention and styling that's not just on-trend but also perfectly tailored to suit their individual preferences and lifestyle. His commitment to excellence and passion for hair styling is evident in the stunning results he consistently delivers. Reasonable Pricing with Comprehensive Services: MG Makeovers is committed to providing exceptional value, offering reasonable pricing without compromising on quality. Their hair cut and styling services come complete with shampooing, blow drying, and a simple, relaxing massage, ensuring that clients not only leave looking fabulous but also feeling refreshed and pampered. This approach allows you to indulge in a premium salon experience at a cost that is both affordable and transparent. Convenient Location: Located in the heart of Gurgaon, MG Makeovers is easily accessible, making it a convenient option for anyone looking to enhance their look without the hassle of long commutes. Whether you're a local resident or visiting the area, finding MG Makeovers is straightforward, thanks to its prime location. This convenience is complemented by the salon's welcoming atmosphere, where each client is greeted warmly and treated to a luxury salon experience that's both memorable and satisfying. Choosing MG Makeovers for your next hair cut and styling appointment means entrusting your hair to Aryan Malhotra and his team of professionals who are dedicated to bringing out your best look. Combined with the added advantages of competitive pricing, a comprehensive range of services, and a prime location, MG Makeovers is the ideal choice for anyone seeking a top-tier salon experience in Gurgaon.

Hair Cuts Offered at MG Makeovers Gurgaon

Hair Cut service at MG Makeovers

MG Makeovers in Gurgaon, led by the highly acclaimed hairstylist Aryan Malhotra, is renowned for offering a diverse range of haircuts tailored to meet the unique preferences and styles of each client. Aryan's expertise and creativity shine through in every cut, ensuring that clients leave with a look that not only suits them perfectly but also elevates their style.

Types of Hair Cuts

Here's a list of types of haircuts you can expect to find under the skilled hands of Aryan Malhotra at MG Makeovers:

  1. The Classic Bob: A timeless cut that Aryan gives a fresh twist, adapting it to suit modern trends while maintaining its classic appeal. Perfect for those looking for a chic, easy-to-maintain look.

  2. Layered Cuts: Ideal for adding volume and movement to the hair, layered cuts are customized by Aryan to enhance the natural texture of your hair, making it a versatile option for all hair types.

  3. Pixie Cut: A daring and bold choice, the pixie cut is expertly tailored by Aryan to match the client's facial features and personal style, ensuring a look that's both edgy and elegant.

  4. Long, Flowing Layers: Perfect for those who love their long locks, this style adds depth and dimension, creating a beautifully natural look that's both timeless and trendy.

  5. The Lob (Long Bob): A perfect blend of the bob and longer hair, the lob is a versatile cut that Aryan customizes to flatter any face shape, offering a stylish yet low-maintenance option.

  6. Soft Undercut: A subtle twist on the traditional undercut, this style provides an edgy contrast with softer, longer layers on top, crafted to perfection to suit the individual's style.

  7. Bangs and Fringes: From curtain bangs to sharp, straight fringes, Aryan's skillful hands can create the perfect bangs that frame the face beautifully, adding a youthful and dynamic touch to any haircut.

  8. Textured Cuts: Ideal for adding a modern edge, textured cuts by Aryan incorporate various cutting techniques to give the hair a lived-in, effortlessly stylish look.

  9. Precision Cuts: For those who favor a sleek, polished appearance, Aryan's precision cuts are meticulously crafted to achieve a clean, defined silhouette.

  10. Customized Creative Cuts: For clients seeking something truly unique, Aryan offers customized creative cuts, where his artistry and the client's vision come together to create one-of-a-kind hairstyles.


Happy Client at MG Makeovers

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FAQ's for Hair Cut

  1. What makes MG Makeover unique in its approach to haircuts?
    MG Makeover combines personalized consultations, expert stylists trained in the latest techniques, and a warm, welcoming environment to craft haircuts that not only reflect current trends but also align with each client's lifestyle and preferences. exploring the distinctive techniques, styling philosophies, and customer experiences that set MG Makeover apart from other salons.

  2. How do I choose the best haircut for my face shape and hair texture at MG Makeover?
    Our stylists consider your face shape, hair texture, and personal style during the consultation process, using their expertise to recommend haircuts that will highlight your best features and suit your daily routine.

  3. Can MG Makeover help me transition to a completely new hairstyle or color?
    Absolutely! Whether you're considering a subtle change or a dramatic transformation, our stylists can guide you through the process, ensuring a smooth transition and a result you'll love.

  4. What are the latest haircut trends, and can MG Makeover stylists replicate them?
    Our team stays at the forefront of fashion by attending regular training sessions and industry events. We can recreate any trendy look you desire or customize it to better suit your individual style.

  5. Does MG Makeover offer consultations before deciding on a haircut?
    Yes, every haircut service begins with a thorough consultation to understand your desires and expectations, ensuring the final look is exactly what you envisioned.

  6. How can I communicate my vision for my haircut effectively to my stylist at MG Makeover?
    Bringing photos or examples of styles you like can be incredibly helpful. Our stylists are excellent listeners and will ask questions to clarify any details, making sure they understand your vision perfectly.

  7. What hair care and styling advice does MG Makeover provide post-haircut?
     After your haircut, your stylist will offer tailored advice on maintaining your new look, including recommended products and styling tips, ensuring you can recreate the salon-finish at home.

  8. How often should I get my hair cut at MG Makeover to maintain its style?
    We typically recommend returning every 4-6 weeks for short styles, and 8-12 weeks for longer lengths, but your stylist will provide a personalized recommendation based on your hair's needs.

  9. What should I do if I'm not satisfied with my haircut at MG Makeover?
    Your satisfaction is our top priority. If you're not completely happy with your haircut, please let us know within a week of your appointment. We'll gladly make any necessary adjustments free of charge

  10. Are there any haircuts or styles that MG Makeover specializes in?
    Our salon is renowned for its expertise in a wide range of styles, from classic cuts to modern trends, including precision cutting and advanced coloring techniques.

  11. How does MG Makeover ensure that a haircut suits my lifestyle and maintenance preferences?
    During your consultation, we discuss your daily routine and how much time you can dedicate to styling your hair. This helps us suggest styles that are not only beautiful but also manageable for you..

  12. Can MG Makeover provide a haircut that minimizes the appearance of thinning hair?
    Yes, our stylists are skilled in techniques that add volume and the illusion of thickness to hair, offering both cutting and styling solutions for thinning hair concerns.

  13. What safety and hygiene measures does MG Makeover take during haircut services?
    We adhere to strict sanitation protocols, including sterilizing tools between clients, frequent cleaning of the salon, and following all local health guidelines to ensure a safe experience.

  14. Does MG Makeover offer haircut services for children or seniors?
    Yes, we provide haircut services for clients of all ages, including specialized rates for children and seniors, ensuring a welcoming environment for every family member.

  15. How do I book a haircut appointment at MG Makeover, and what is the cancellation policy?Appointments can be booked via phone, our website, or in person. We kindly ask for at least 24 hours' notice for cancellations or rescheduling to accommodate other clients.

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