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 HAIR EXTENSIONS in gurgaon 





Price of Hair Extension by Length in Inch;

  • 12"-18"INCH | ₹15,000/- (100 STRANDS)

  • 20"-30"INCH | ₹20,000/- (100 STRANDS)

Refill Charges for Hair Extension

  • ₹30/STRAND

Removal Charges for Hair Extension

  • ₹30/STRAND

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Hair Extensions

Why Choose MG Makeovers for Your Hair Extensions? When it comes to enhancing your hair's length and volume, selecting the right salon is crucial. MG Makeovers stands out as a top choice, particularly for those interested in Nano Ring Extensions, also known as Machine Wafted Hair Extensions. Expertise in Nano Ring Extensions MG Makeovers specializes in Nano Ring Extensions, a preferred method for adding natural-looking length and volume. These extensions, known for their minimal damage to natural hair and discreet application, are an excellent choice for those seeking a refined and elegant look. Tailored Options Understanding individual needs, MG Makeovers offers a range of lengths: 12"-18" Inches: Priced at ₹15,000 for 100 strands, this range is perfect for those looking to add a moderate increase in length and fullness. 20"-30" Inches: At ₹20,000 for 100 strands, these longer extensions cater to those desiring a more dramatic transformation. Affordable Maintenance Continued care of hair extensions is vital for their longevity and appearance. MG Makeovers provides cost-effective maintenance services: Refill Charges: Just ₹30 per strand, making regular upkeep manageable and affordable. Removal Charges: Also priced at ₹30 per strand, ensuring that the transition back to natural hair is smooth and economical. Commitment to Quality MG Makeovers is dedicated to offering high-quality hair extensions that blend seamlessly with your natural hair. Their focus on using premium materials ensures that your extensions not only look great but also maintain their integrity over time. Personalized Service At MG Makeovers, every client is given personalized attention. Their skilled professionals are adept at understanding and fulfilling your specific hair goals, ensuring a satisfying experience from start to finish. Conclusion Choosing MG Makeovers for your hair extensions means opting for quality, expertise, and affordability. Whether you're seeking a subtle enhancement or a dramatic change, their Nano Ring Extensions offer a perfect solution, tailored to your individual style and needs.

 Don't Compromise on Quality of Hair Extension 

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What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are used to add length, volume, or color to one's natural hair. They come in various forms, including clip-ins, tape-ins, weaves, and bonds, each applied differently. Clip-ins are temporary and can be applied at home, while tape-ins, weaves, and bonds require professional application and last several weeks to months. Extensions can be made from synthetic materials or real human hair. Human hair extensions offer a more natural look and can be styled just like natural hair. They provide a versatile way to change hairstyle without permanently altering the natural hair.

Understanding the Benefits

Now that we've explored the process and types of eyelash extensions, let's delve into the numerous benefits that make them stand out in the world of beauty:



Feeling good about your appearance can significantly boost your self-confidence. With eyelash extensions, you'll have an extra layer of allure that can help you feel more self-assured and ready to tackle the day.



In today's fast-paced world, every spare minute counts. Lash extensions offer a time-efficient solution. No more fumbling with mascara and lash curlers, just wake up and go.



They are designed to endure. With proper care and occasional touch-ups, they can last for weeks or even months, making them a cost-effective beauty investment.


Mascara can be your worst enemy when it smudges, especially on a hot summer day or during a good cry. Lash extensions won't run, smudge, or clump, giving you the peace of mind that your eyes will always look stunning.



If you have a special event or celebration coming up, lash extensions can be the secret weapon in your beauty arsenal. They provide a touch of glamour that's hard to achieve with regular makeup alone.


OutLash Beauty Boutique

Discover the magic of stunning lash extensions at OutLash Beauty Boutique in Calgary! Our expert lash artists are here to enhance your natural beauty and give you the lashes you've always dreamed of. Whether you desire a dramatic, glamorous look or a subtle, everyday elegance, we've got you covered. Book an appointment at our eyelash extensions salon today.

Hair Extension Process

Nano ring hair extensions are a popular method for adding length and volume to natural hair using tiny rings to secure the extensions in place without the need for heat or glue. MG Makeovers' approach may vary slightly from standard practices, so I'll outline a generalized step-by-step process for applying nano ring hair extensions, which might closely resemble the approach taken by many professionals in the field, including MG Makeovers:

Step 1: Consultation

  • Discussion: The stylist discusses the client’s desired look, hair type, and color to ensure the extensions will blend seamlessly.

  • Matching: Hair color and texture are matched with the appropriate extensions.

  • Plan: The stylist explains the maintenance, care, and cost involved in the process.

Step 2: Preparation

  • Hair Wash: The client's hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo to remove any residues, ensuring a clean working base.

  • Drying: The hair is thoroughly dried and brushed to prevent any tangling during the extension process.

  • Sectioning: The stylist sections off the hair, typically starting from the bottom near the nape of the neck.

Step 3: Application

  • Strand Selection: Small sections of the client's natural hair are selected for attachment.

  • Extension Placement: A nano ring extension strand is taken, and a nano ring (a tiny, silicone-lined bead) is threaded onto the client's hair.

  • Securing: The extension is placed inside the nano ring with the client's hair. Using special pliers, the stylist then clamps the nano ring shut, securing the extension in place.

  • Repetition: This process is repeated, working up the head in sections until the desired volume or length is achieved.

Step 4: Blending and Styling

  • Cutting: The extensions are cut and blended into the client's natural hair to create a seamless look.

  • Styling: The hair is then styled as desired, whether that be curled, straightened, or left natural.

Step 5: Aftercare Advice

  • Maintenance Tips: The stylist provides tips on how to care for the extensions, including washing, brushing, and sleeping routines to prevent tangling or damage.

  • Follow-up Appointments: Information is given on when to return for maintenance appointments to adjust the nano rings as the natural hair grows.

Step 6: Maintenance and Removal

  • Adjustment: Every 6-8 weeks, the client should return for adjustments, where the nano rings are opened, moved up, and re-secured.

  • Removal: When the client wishes to remove the extensions, the stylist uses the pliers to gently open the nano rings and slide them out of the hair.

This process ensures that the hair extensions look natural and blend seamlessly with the client’s hair, providing length and volume without causing damage to the natural hair. Always ensure that you're working with a trained and experienced stylist, especially for specific branded techniques like those offered by MG Makeovers, to achieve the best results.

Nail Extension Charges






20"-30" Inch




12"-18" Inch







Basic FAQ's for Hair Extensions

Q1: What are hair extensions?
A: Hair extensions are strands of real or synthetic hair that are attached to a person's natural hair to add length, volume, or color.

Q2: How long do hair extensions last?
A: The lifespan of hair extensions varies depending on the type and quality, as well as how well they are maintained. Generally, nano ring hair extensions can last between 2-3 months before they need to be adjusted due to hair growth.

Q3: Can hair extensions damage my natural hair?
A: If applied, maintained, and removed correctly by a professional, hair extensions should not damage your natural hair. Ensure you follow all care instructions provided by your stylist.


Q4: How do I care for my hair extensions?
A: Care tips include gently brushing with a soft bristle brush, using sulfate-free shampoo, avoiding excessive heat styling, and keeping the extensions dry and tangle-free.


Q5: How much do hair extensions cost?
A: Costs can vary. For example, nano ring hair extensions may cost approximately ₹199 per strand. Bundles can also be purchased, with prices like ₹15,000 for 100 strands of 12"-18" length, and ₹20,000 for 100 strands of 20"-30" length. Refill and removal services are typically charged per strand.

Q6: Are hair extensions reusable?
A: Yes, certain types of hair extensions like nano ring extensions can be reused. They may require refilling as your hair grows out, which involves adjusting their position.

Q7: How long does it take to apply hair extensions?
A: The time it takes to apply hair extensions can vary. Nano ring extensions can 1-3 hours to apply, depending on the number of strands being used.

Q8: Can I color or heat style my hair extensions?
A: Many hair extensions can be colored and styled with heat. However, you should always check with your stylist first and use heat protectant products to avoid damage.

Q9: Do I need to schedule an appointment for hair extension services?
A: Yes, an appointment is usually mandatory to ensure the stylist can provide you with the time and attention needed for the service.

Q10: Is there an extra cost for services besides the price per strand?
A: An 18% GST may be added to the service cost. Additionally, consult your salon for any other potential fees.

Q11: Can I wash my hair normally with extensions in?

A: Yes, you can wash your hair, but it's recommended to be gentle and avoid scrubbing the extensions. Use a recommended shampoo and conditioner, and try to wash your hair less frequently than you might without extensions.





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