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Achieve Perfect Brows: Microblading at MG Makeovers

Updated: Jul 15

Eyebrow Microblading Image
Microblading at MG Makeovers

In the quest for perfect eyebrows, microblading has emerged as a game-changer. This semi-permanent makeup technique offers a solution to sparse, thin, or uneven brows, ensuring you wake up every day with impeccably shaped and full eyebrows. Here's why microblading at MG Makeovers might just be the beauty upgrade you're looking for.

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup that involves using a fine, pen-like tool to deposit pigment under the skin of your eyebrows. It's designed to mimic natural eyebrow hairs, creating the illusion of fuller, perfectly shaped brows. Unlike traditional tattooing, microblading involves creating individual strokes that look like natural hair, resulting in a more refined and realistic effect.

Why is it Necessary?

For many, eyebrows are a crucial feature of their facial symmetry and expressiveness. Thin, sparse, or uneven eyebrows can detract from your natural beauty and may require time-consuming daily makeup applications. Microblading offers a long-lasting solution, enhancing your brows' shape and volume, thus boosting confidence and reducing the need for daily eyebrow makeup.

The Process

Process of  Microblading

The microblading process at MG Makeovers begins with a consultation to discuss your desired brow shape and color. Next, our expert aestheticians carefully map out the brow area, ensuring the final shape complements your facial features. The actual microblading procedure involves applying a topical numbing agent for comfort, followed by the meticulous creation of hair-like strokes. The entire process takes about 2-3 hours, with results that can last between 18 to 30 months.

Certainly! The process of microblading at MG Makeovers is meticulously designed to ensure each client receives a personalized and high-quality experience, resulting in perfectly crafted eyebrows. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the microblading process:

Step-1 | Consultation and Planning:

  • Initial Consultation: The journey begins with a one-on-one consultation with a microblading specialist. During this session, your preferences, desired eyebrow shape, and color are discussed. It’s a collaborative process aimed at understanding your vision and setting realistic expectations.

  • Facial Analysis and Design: Using facial mapping techniques, the specialist will carefully outline the ideal eyebrow shape that complements your facial structure. This step ensures that the final results harmonize with your natural features.

Step-2 |Preparation:

  • Skin Prep: The eyebrow area is cleaned and disinfected to prepare the skin for the procedure.

  • Numbing: A topical numbing cream is applied to the eyebrow area to minimize discomfort during the microblading process. This step ensures a comfortable experience from start to finish.

Step-3 | Microblading Procedure:

  • Pigment Selection: A pigment color matching your natural eyebrow color is selected, ensuring a seamless and natural-looking result.

  • Microblading: Using a manual hand tool equipped with fine needles, the specialist meticulously creates hair-like strokes, depositing the pigment into the upper layers of the skin. Each stroke is carefully crafted to mimic the natural growth pattern of your eyebrows.

Step-4 | Revealing and Initial Healing:

  • Immediate Aftercare: Once the microblading is complete, a final layer of pigment is applied over the brows, which is then cleaned after a short period. This step helps to set the shape and color.

  • Healing Process: The eyebrows may appear darker immediately after the procedure but will fade to the desired color within a few weeks. The initial healing phase typically lasts about 7-14 days, during which proper aftercare instructions, provided by your specialist, should be followed to ensure optimal healing.

Step-5 | Touch-Up Appointment:

  • Follow-Up Visit: A touch-up appointment is usually scheduled 4-6 weeks after the initial session. This appointment allows the specialist to make any adjustments to the shape or color, ensuring your eyebrows look perfect. This step is crucial as it addresses any areas where the pigment may not have taken hold or any other minor adjustments needed.

Aftercare and Maintenance

  • Post-Procedure Care: Detailed aftercare instructions are provided to ensure smooth healing and longevity of the microbladed brows. This includes guidelines on keeping the area dry, avoiding certain skincare products, and protecting the brows from excessive sun exposure.

  • Long-Term Care: While microblading is semi-permanent, touch-ups are recommended every 12-18 months to maintain the shape, color, and definition of the eyebrows.

At MG Makeovers, every step of the microblading process is conducted with precision, care, and a deep commitment to delivering exceptional results, ensuring that each client leaves with beautifully transformed eyebrows.


Microblading at MGMakeovers, especially at the exclusive price of Rs. 9999, offers a plethora of benefits designed to enhance your beauty routine and overall appearance. Here are the key advantages:

1. Natural-Looking Results: Achieve eyebrows that look naturally full and perfectly shaped, matching your facial structure and enhancing your natural features.

2. Time-Saving: Say goodbye to the daily hassle of drawing and filling in your eyebrows. Microblading provides a long-lasting solution, allowing you to enjoy more time in the mornings.

3. Waterproof and Smudge-Proof: Engage in any activity without worrying about your eyebrows. Whether you're swimming, exercising, or caught in the rain, your brows remain impeccable.

4. Customization: Each microblading session is tailored to the individual, ensuring your brows complement your face shape, skin tone, and personal style perfectly.

5. Boosted Confidence: Well-defined and symmetrical eyebrows can significantly enhance your facial appearance, boosting your self-esteem and confidence in your look.

6. Pain-Free Procedure: With the use of topical numbing agents, the microblading process is made comfortable, allowing for a pain-free experience.

7. Minimal Maintenance: Apart from occasional touch-ups, microbladed eyebrows require little to no daily maintenance, saving you not only time but also the cost of eyebrow makeup products.

8. Safe and Effective: Performed by certified and skilled aestheticians, microblading at MGMakeovers is a safe procedure, using high-quality pigments and sterilized equipment.

9. Long-Lasting: Enjoy beautiful, full eyebrows for 18 to 30 months, depending on your skin type and lifestyle, with only minor touch-ups needed to maintain their perfect appearance.

10. Cost-Effective: With the comprehensive benefits and the lasting nature of the results, the Rs. 9999 investment in microblading at MG Makeovers proves to be cost-effective over time, considering the savings on eyebrow makeup and grooming tools.

Microblading at MG Makeovers isn’t just a beauty treatment; it’s an investment in yourself, ensuring you look and feel your best every day, with minimal effort.


Elevate your eyebrow game with MG Makeovers' premium microblading services, now exclusively priced at just Rs. 9999. At MG Makeovers, our commitment to beauty excellence shines through our bespoke eyebrow transformations, meticulously tailored to each client's unique facial contours and aesthetic desires. Our team of highly skilled aestheticians harnesses the latest in microblading technology, alongside superior pigments, to craft eyebrows that are not just a testament to your natural beauty but also a reflection of our artistry.

Step into a world where flawless, low-maintenance eyebrows are not just a dream but your new reality. Whether your aim is to enhance sparse eyebrows, redefine your shape, or undertake a complete eyebrow overhaul, MG Makeovers is your sanctuary for achieving sublime brow perfection. Our detailed and client-focused microblading journey ensures a seamless experience from your initial consultation to the breathtaking reveal, all at the incredible value of ₹9999.

Seize this opportunity to transform your brows and, by extension, your daily beauty routine, with MG Makeovers. Say goodbye to endless brow pencils and hello to waking up with perfectly sculpted, water-resistant eyebrows every single day. Visit MG Makeovers and let us unlock the door to enduring beauty and confidence with our expert microblading services. Where beauty meets precision, let your brows speak volumes without saying a word.

Average Price in India

the cost of microblading in India can vary widely based on several factors, including the expertise of the technician, the location of the salon, and the specific requirements of the client. Generally, prices can range from approximately Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 for the entire process, which typically includes an initial session and a touch-up session.

For MG Makeovers, offering microblading at Rs. 9999 suggests a highly competitive pricing strategy, possibly aimed at making high-quality microblading services more accessible or as part of a promotional offer. This price is notably lower than the average market rates, making it an attractive option for those seeking professional microblading services at a more affordable price point.

In the quest for perfect eyebrows, MG Makeovers stands as your premier destination, offering a fusion of artistry, precision, and affordability that transcends the ordinary. With our exclusive microblading service priced at just Rs. 9999, we invite you to embark on a transformative beauty journey that promises not just to enhance your eyebrows, but to redefine your entire aesthetic presence. This is more than just a treatment; it's an investment in yourself, a commitment to waking up every day with effortlessly perfect brows that frame your face and highlight your natural beauty. At MG Makeovers, we're not just creating beautiful eyebrows; we're fostering confidence, saving precious time, and crafting the sublime expressions of individuality. Join us, and let your brows tell a story of elegance and perfection that resonates with every glance. Your journey towards flawless eyebrows begins here, at MG Makeovers, where beauty dreams turn into reality.

Ready to experience the allure of impeccably crafted eyebrows? MG Makeovers is here to turn that dream into a reality. Visit us at A 30/1 Basement, DLF Phase 1, Gurgaon, Haryana-122002, and step into the realm where beauty transformations are not just performed, but perfected. For a direct line to your new, exquisite brows, connect with us at Book your appointment today and join the ranks of those who choose only the finest in beauty and elegance. At MG Makeovers, we're not just offering a service—we're offering the canvas for your next masterpiece.


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