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Valentine Beauty Offer 2024

Get the best offer on Nail Extensions and Eyelash this Valentine Season 2024


NAIL OFFER | Valentine's Day 2024

₹1500 for Nails Extension with Design as shown in the Picture
Valentine's Day Nail Offer 2024

Celebrate Love with Exquisite Nails!

💖 Valentine's Beauty Deals at MG Makeovers

This Valentine's Day, let your hands tell a tale of romance with our bespoke nail artistry. Captivate hearts with our signature design, as showcased in the picture, and radiate the spirit of love from your very fingertips.

Nails for ₹1500

Price reflects the design represented in the picture. Special Offer - GST Inclusive

Our Valentine's Palette includes:

  • Deep and Passionate Reds

  • Soft and Tender Pinks

  • Classic and Pure Whites

  • Delicate Heart Accents

Step into MG Makeovers and elevate your beauty experience where elegance meets precision.

Seal this offer by 29th February 2024. Make your reservation to fall in love with your nails all over again! Best Valentine Offer 2024


EYELASH EXTENSION OFFER | Valentine's Day 2024

Classic Eyelash Extension's for ₹2000
Valentine's Day Eyelash Extension Offer 2024

Flutter into Romance!

💖 Valentine's Beauty Deals at MG Makeovers 💖

Unveil the secret to bewitching glances this Valentine's Day with our luxurious Eyelash Extensions. Be spellbound by the allure of our exclusive offer, perfectly captured in the image above.

Lashes for ₹2000

As enchanting as seen in the picture. Special Offer - GST Inclusive

Our Valentine's Special Includes:

  • Voluminous Lengths

  • Luscious Fullness

  • Natural-Looking Curve

  • Long-Lasting Quality

MG Makeovers invites you to a world where each blink is infused with love and each look tells a story.

Cherish this offer until 29th February 2024. Book your session and let your eyes do the talking this Valentine's!



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